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4 Things to Do Before Buying a High End Home in Colorado Springs

Buying a home is a big decision. Deciding to buy a high end home in Colorado Springs takes decision-making to a new level. Nervous about purchasing a high end home? The way to conquer fear and make your home purchase a success is to educate yourself. We’ve pulled together four tips to get started.

1 – Be Clear on What You Want

Start making notes about the features your house needs to have. Separate your list into two categories: must-haves and negotiables. This will help you when you visit that beautiful home with fresh baked cookies wafting from the kitchen but has zero closet space. The list will remind you that closet space is not optional while fresh baked cookies are.

Some features you might want to consider:

  • Ideal layout for your lifestyle
  • In-home theater options
  • Safety and security
  • View
  • In-home gym
  • Big backyard

2 – Learn About Neighborhood Trends

Love that view? Just be sure that a building project won’t come in and destroy it. Learn about plans for that big beautiful field just out your back door. Will you be heartbroken if a developer turns it into a neighborhood? Dive into neighborhood trends before you buy.

Other things to consider: is the neighborhood improving and growing? Are there a lot of for-sale signs? Find out why!

3 – Research Resale Value

Of course, you don’t want to think about the hassle of selling your house after going through the process of buying it. However, 10 years down the road, you may find yourself moving across the country to start a new career you’ve always dreamed of.

Look at land prices and talk to an agent about the value of real estate in your area. Is it stable or does it fluctuate wildly? Avoid buying at the top of a market bubble.

One tip: never buy the most expensive house in a neighborhood. You may find it harder to sell at the price you want in the long run. Buy a median-priced house (relative to the neighborhood) and you’ll be in a better position to sell.

4 – Make Sure Your Financial Situation Is Stable

If you are taking the plunge to buy a high end home in Colorado Springs, dream big and don’t settle for something that will disappoint. Keep in mind that dreaming big doesn’t mean purchasing more than you can afford.  Take a realistic look at your finances and be sure the mortgage won’t put an undue burden on you. Your dream home shouldn’t become your accounting nightmare.

Interested in high end homes in Colorado Springs? Get in touch. We’d love to discuss your options and help you find the home of your dreams.

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