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5 Ways To Know You’re Picking A Great Colorado Springs Realtor

There’s no way around it – buying or selling a home is stressful. If the job is done well, a Colorado Springs realtor can reduce that stress by making things go as smoothly as possible. What should you expect from a great realtor? Here’s a list of traits to keep in mind when you’re deciding who to work with.

1 – They Value Your Priorities

Homeowners have their own unique priorities whether that’s selling a home quickly or getting a certain price out of a home to break even. Home buyers may want to find a fixer upper or a unique floor plan to suit home and work needs. Great realtors don’t assume they know your needs. They focus on your priorities and create a plan to suit.

2 – They Give An Honest Opinion – Even When It’s Not Good News

Everyone wants to hear that their home will sell quickly for a high price. They want confirmation that they can buy the home of their dreams on a minimal budget. A good realtor will give an honest evaluation of the market. They’ll be realistic with you and do what’s best for you in the long run.

3 – They Know The MLS Is Only The First Step

When selling a home, a devoted realtor knows listing a property on the MLS is just one part of marketing. It’s a very important part but there’s a lot more they can do. You’ll know you’re working with a great Colorado Springs realtor when they talk about marketing plan that goes beyond the MLS.

If you’re looking to sell quickly, they’ll help you determine the selling price and put together an aggressive marketing plan. They can also help you determine what repairs or upgrades are necessary.

4 – They Have Systems In Place To Cover All The Details

One of the most important ways of reducing stress is keeping the paperwork in order and getting things done on time. Systems of organization will look different because everyone has their own way of keeping track of moving parts. What’s important is having a way of keeping the process on target.

5 – A Great Colorado Springs Realtor Is Easy To Contact 

We’re all busy but keeping in touch in a timely manner is vital to a fast moving real estate market. When properties are selling quickly, you’ll need to jump on opportunities when they arise.

Give us a call if you’d like to work with a Colorado Springs realtor. We’ll walk you through the process of buying a home in this fast moving market. 

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