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6 Myths About Realtors

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time yet sometimes the process can be stressful. Realtors exist to make the sale or purchase of a home easier for you. Unfortunately, myths about realtors cause clients not to trust the person who is supposed to help them when they need it. We hope that exposing these myths will help you feel confident about finding great realtors in Colorado Springs.

  1. Realtors Make Money by Driving People Around to Look At Houses

False: Realtors make money when a transaction closes. They put in a lot of unpaid hours into the process of buying or selling a house. A realtor drives around looking at houses because they want their clients to find the perfect home.

  1. Realtors Make More Money When You Pay a Higher Price on Your Home

False: This is an easy assumption to make, but the truth is realtors don’t make significantly more when you pay more. It’s better for business if you tell all your friends about how your realtor helped you negotiate a great deal on your house.

  1. A Good Realtor Will Tell You All About a Neighborhood’s Demographics

False: Federal Fair Housing laws prohibits realtors from disclosing information related to protected classes. This includes crime, schools and ethnicity. They can tell you where to go to get that information, but they cannot give you that information directly.

  1. Realtors Get a Commission From Inspectors

False: The Real Estate Settlements Procedures Act prevents realtors from receiving any commission or kickback from real estate vendors. Realtors in Colorado Springs would risk their career if they received gifts from inspectors.

  1. A Realtor’s Home Inspector Will Do What is Best for the Realtor

False: A realtor wants you to be telling all your friends about the great experience you had buying your house. The best scenario is where the home inspector finds anything that needs attention and the realtor negotiates to get you the best deal possible (negotiating repairs or getting you out of a bad deal).

  1. In a Pinch, Realtors Will Say Anything to Make a Sale

False: There will always be dishonest, greedy people in the world, but in the age of the internet, realtors must be very careful about their reputation. If they encourage a bad sale or lying, that news can spread quickly through social media. Before you choose a realtor, always look them up online to see what people are saying about them. If they’ve dealt dishonestly, you’ll most likely learn about this through online reviews.

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