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6 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Summer

The summer selling season is upon us and real estate in Colorado Springs is looking up! The housing  market is continuing to improve and now is the time families are looking for new homes before school starts. If you’re getting your home ready to sell this summer, use these tips to improve your space and provide a great experience for potential buyers.

1. Create Living Space Outside

Summer means the size of your home increases with outdoor living space. Improve backyard decks or patios and display inviting outdoor furniture to show potential buyers this extension of your home. Keep the space festive for summer fun and barbecues with lights or fresh flowers.

2. Landscape The Yard

Stage your yard just as you’d stage the inside of your home. Mow and edge your lawn, weed your flower beds, and add colorful flowers and plants to create a clean, inviting appearance. Take it an extra step and hire a professional landscaper or designer to clean up or maintain your yard while showcasing the greenery. A well-designed front yard leaves a positive first impression and improves the curb appeal of your home. This simple tip can improve your chances of selling your home for a better price.

3. Offer Summer Treats

It’s not uncommon for buyers to tour a number of homes during the summer. By the time they reach your home, they may be hot, sweaty, and tired from house shopping. Treat potential buyers as guests by greeting them with chilled lemon water or fresh lemonade and summer treats. The gesture keeps potential buyers happy and interested in spending more time at your home. The longer they stay the more attached they’ll become!

4. Finish Needed Repairs

Repair leaky faucets, fix broken tile, and remove squeaks from doors before putting your home on the market. Buyers are looking for reasons to turn down your place. Don’t let them discover simple repairs which could easily be fixed.

5. Remove Clutter

Simplify your home by packing clutter, trinkets, and unneeded household items. Buyers are drawn to clean, simple spaces so they can imagine their own furniture in your place. Help them by removing unnecessary distractions and give yourself a head start on packing by boxing up things you won’t need before your move.

6. Keep The House Cool

The summer months are hot and home buyers are looking for a cool oasis to escape the heat. Keep your air conditioning on during open houses or run fans to keep airflow moving throughout your home. The more comfortable buyers are, the more positive feelings they’ll experience in your home. Positive feelings could result in an offer you can’t refuse.

For more tips on summer real estate in Colorado Springs, contact our team at Behr & Behr. We offer two generations of experience selling homes and finding the perfect solutions for buyers. Learn more about your real estate options in Colorado Springs and discover how we can sell your current home and find your dream home this summer.


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