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6 Tips For Working With Realtors In Colorado Springs

In the late spring, mature minds turn to thoughts of buying and selling homes. Once you’ve made the decision to spend your summer moving, you’ll want to call on the expertise of realtors in Colorado Springs. Today’s tips will set you up for success when working with your realtor.

1- Interviewing A Few Agents Is A Smart Move!

A realtor assists you in signing the largest check you’ll ever give or receive. Take the time to look around before you select an agent to work with. When you make an appointment, let the realtor know you’re meeting with a number of agents before you select one to work with.

2- Know The Difference Between Listing Agents And Buying Agents

Listing agents sell houses while buying agents assist home buyers in purchasing homes. A listing agent might know about a lot of houses on the market but they won’t be able to negotiate for the best price if they’re also representing the seller. A buying agent will only be representing the interests of the buyer.

realtors in colorado springs3- Determine How You’ll Communicate With Your Realtor In Colorado Springs

In these days of texts, email, and instant messages, it’s a good idea to decide how you’ll communicate. Do you want texts for quick information and phone calls for discussions? Ask your realtor how they relay information and let them know what works best for you.

4- Remember Agents Work On Commission

Most agents are not on salary so they don’t get paid until the deal goes through. For this reason, it’s not customary to get information and help from a realtor and then cut them out of the final deal.

5- Ask About Open House Protocol

In some areas, it’s not customary for potential buyers to drop in at open houses without an agent. Find out what the expectations for open houses are. Often, an agent hosting an open house is also looking for clients so you’ll want to let that agent know you already have a realtor.

6- Never Sign Documents You Don’t Understand

Good realtors in Colorado Springs will take the time to answer questions. Don’t ever sign a document without understanding exactly what you’re signing. Buying and selling can be a long process and it might be tempting to speed up the process by tossing around your signature. Don’t do it! You might end up signing something you’ll regret.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, get in touch to set up an interview with one of our realtors.

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