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7 Open House Tips from Colorado Springs Realtors

As local Colorado Springs Realtors, we offer over 60 years of combined experience helping clients buy and sell homes in Colorado Springs. When you’re preparing your home for an open house, cleanliness and staging are important. After all, your goal is to sell your home fast and for the highest price, right?

Don’t stress over too many details. Use these simple tips to prepare your home for an open house.

1. Deep Clean Your Entire Home

Before your open house, make your home shine in every nook, cranny, and corner. If you don’t have a couple hours available to deep clean your home, hire professional maid services to clean, scrub, dust, and disinfect every inch of your space.

The cleaner your home is, the more valuable it appears to potential buyers. Don’t give them a reason to make a low-ball offer by having dirty appliances, floors, or windows.

2. De-Clutter and Organize

Remove knick-knacks, file your mail, and reduce the amount of “stuff” you have displayed throughout your home. Organize your belongings and keep it simple. Less is more when staging your home.

3. Pack Personal Items and Photos

Your goal is to encourage potential buyers to imagine themselves making new memories in your home. This means you should pack away personal items and family photos. Remove strong political or religious references so your home appeals to a wide range of interested buyers.

4. Put Pets Outside (If Possible)

Pets can be a distraction to buyers and could cause issues for allergy sufferers. Clean your floors and furniture before an open house to remove pet hair and keep pets outside whenever possible. If they can’t be outside, put them in a confined space away from buyers.

colorado springs realtors5. Let There Be Natural Light!

Natural light is a big seller for homes. Open the curtains or blinds and allow rich, natural light to enter. Turn on lamps or overhead lights in every room, even on a sunny day, because you can never have too much cheery light in your home.

6. Offer Thorough Information

You or your realtor should provide prospective buyers with information on the house and perhaps the community or local schools. Don’t let homebuyers leave empty-handed. Buyers may tour many homes in one day so give them something to remember yours by.

7. Let Colorado Springs Realtors Take Lead

When you find a trusted Colorado Springs realtor, let them take the lead during your open house. In fact, it’s recommended that sellers not be present when an open house is scheduled to avoid distracting the buyers. Prepare your home with these staging tips and trust you’re in good hands with your Colorado Springs realtors.

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