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9 Selling Tips You Should Know from Realtors in Colorado Springs

Are you preparing to sell your home this year? As experienced Realtors in Colorado Springs, we know there are a few things homeowners can do to help sell their home faster and at a better price. As you’re thinking about getting your home ready to sell, the following are a few tips you need to know. 

Clean and Eliminate Clutter

Those dust bunnies? Time to get rid of them. Give your home a deep cleaning to remove cobwebs, dust, and grime. While you’re at it, begin packing away knick-knacks and clutter for a fresh, airy appearance. Clutter is distracting to buyers and makes it difficult for them to imagine their belongings in your home.

Remove Personal Items

This includes putting away family photos and anything with a strong personal or political reference. These items further distract buyers and you don’t want to risk losing potential buyers based on a clash in personal beliefs.

Enhance the Positive

More than likely, there’s a specific reason you bought your home. Enhance the positive features you love so they stand out to buyers. What sold you on your home, may sell the next buyer as well.

Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

Open the curtains and window blinds to allow natural light to enter every room. Use soft lighting to create a warm atmosphere by turning on a lamp in each room.

Make It Smell Like Home

Strong candles and scents may overwhelm buyers with allergies. Keep fragrances light and natural. If you’re selling a home in the mountains, cut fresh pine or cedar branches. If you’re selling a home in town, choose fresh scents such as lavender, mint, or squeezing fresh lemons.

Clean Up After Pets

If you have indoor pets, clean fur off the floor and furniture before showings. Some buyers may have pet allergies and strong pet dander or odors may mean they’ll need to leave. Check for pet odors by asking someone else to do the “sniff test.” Use natural scents or air purifiers to freshen the air.

Freshen Up

Take a look around. Could the walls use a fresh coat of paint? Don’t give buyers a reason to not put down an offer based on dirty walls. Avoid painting bold colors or stark white walls. Choose subtle, neutral shades adding warmth to a room.

Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

Your front yard and entry to your home begin the first impression. Just as you spend time cleaning the inside, spend some time on your yard to boost its curb appeal.

Let Buyers Browse in Peace

Buyers tend to stay for shorter periods of time when the homeowner is present. If you’re at home during a showing, take time outside and avoid hovering over potential buyers. Realtors in Colorado Springs suggest this is the perfect time to run errands, go for a walk, or visit a friend.

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