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What To Expect From Platinum Group Realtors

We are proud to be part of the Platinum Group Realtors, a network of the top selling realtors in Colorado Springs. This independently owned real estate firm combines the benefits of a small, local, company with the resources of a large corporation. Through this partnership of highly successful realtors, we’re able to provide top rate…

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Top Qualities To Look For In A Christian Realtor

Looking for a realtor is an important first step in the decision to buy or sell a home. We’ve pulled together a list of qualifications every Christian realtor needs to have. Taking the time to search out a realtor who’s right for you will pay off in the long run.  Check Out Their Licensing Each…

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What You Should Know About the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market

Tis the season to be thinking about Colorado Springs Real Estate! With winter storms come and gone, people are turning to thoughts of moving. Whether you’re buying or selling, there’re a few things you should know about the market to prepare for the process. Rental Rates Are High Choosing between buying or renting? Consider the…

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6 Tips For Working With Realtors In Colorado Springs

In the late spring, mature minds turn to thoughts of buying and selling homes. Once you’ve made the decision to spend your summer moving, you’ll want to call on the expertise of realtors in Colorado Springs. Today’s tips will set you up for success when working with your realtor. 1- Interviewing A Few Agents Is…

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What Experts Are Saying About Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs

When looking at homes for sale in Colorado Springs, many people get lost in the discussion of short sales, REO, equity, etc. Knowing the terms being thrown around will help you make the best decision for your situation. We’ve gathered information about home sales to help you get started. Standard Homes for Sale in Colorado…

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