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Biggest Blunders When Looking for a Realtor Downtown Colorado Springs

A good realtor is key to a successful buying and selling experience. Be smart when searching for a realtor for downtown Colorado Springs. Start by educating yourself so you pick someone who’s a great fit for your needs.

We’ve pulled together some important information so you can avoid the most common mistakes when looking for a realtor.

You’re Won Over by Glamorous Listing Presentations

It’s so tempting to choose someone based on their presentation rather than cold, hard facts. Fancy presentations are interesting. Searching for facts is boring.

However, being informed about an agent’s fees, services, and history will go a long way in helping you decide if they’re a good fit.

You Choose a Realtor Based on One Personal Recommendation

Again, it’s so simple to pick someone because you have their phone number and a personal recommendation. While a personal connection is nice to have, you still need to do your homework. Call and ask questions before agreeing to work with anyone.

You Read One Negative Online Review and Dismiss a Possibility

First, we applaud you for doing the research and reading reviews. While reviews are important, we want to warn you against allowing one scathing review to scare you away from someone.

Look at their overall reputation. If the majority of people have great things to say, the one negative review might come from someone who just likes to complain.

You Choose an Agent Because They Have a Great Personality

It’s so nice to sit down with someone who can make you laugh, isn’t it? When choosing a realtor, you need someone who can do more than entertain.

They need to negotiate, know the laws, have access to information boards, and many other practical considerations. As tempting as it is, don’t choose someone merely because they’re friendly.

You Pick the Realtor in Downtown Colorado Springs Who Charges the Lowest Commission

Why not? Because a low commission may mean fewer perks, less availability, and less handholding through the process. Find out what experience they offer and pick someone who will walk with you the whole way.

You Choose a Friend or Family Member

When choosing a realtor in downtown Colorado Springs be very cautious before going with a friend or family member. You’ve heard it before, and we’ll remind you again: avoid mixing business and friendship.  

You Pick the Agent Who Sold the Most Homes

Wait, what? Why not pick the agent who sold the most homes? Because this information is only relevant if you learn how many homes they’ve listed.

Someone who listed and sold 15 homes is probably a better choice than someone who listed 50 homes and sold 30.

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