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What You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate in Colorado Springs

Thinking of buying real estate in Colorado Springs? We applaud you for picking a great location. Start gathering information now so you can equip yourself to be completely happy with your purchase.


Before you make an offer, get a feel for where the market is. Is property selling high or low? You may not have the option to wait until the market is at its lowest. Having this information can help with reasonable expectations on how much you’ll need to pay for the type of house you want.

Property Tax

When considering a purchase price, people often forget to check the property tax. Always check the property taxes for real estate in Colorado Springs and add that into your calculations.

Job Opportunities

These days when people change jobs frequently, it’s a good idea to consider job opportunities near your home. Do you work from home or have hopes of working from home? Make sure your home has space for an office. Do you want to work in downtown? Consider the commute.

This may not seem like a big deal now. But when you’re commuting every day, you’ll be glad you choose a location with a decent commute.

Crime Rates

Don’t make assumptions about crime rates. Get the information and find out what type of security your home will need to have.

School Zones

Do you have school age children? Always check out the school districts in your area. You might choose a home close to a school you really like only to discover you’re on the edge of a different school district.

If you opt for alternative educational systems, then check out the private and charter schools near you.

County vs. City

Find out whether you’re in county or city lines to learn what laws apply to you. Interested in building on to your house? The city might have restrictions regarding what changes you can make. Dream of being an urban farmer? Find out what the zoning laws allow before you move in with your herd of goats.

Home Owners Association

Find out if your home is part of an HOA. If so, you’ll want to learn about HOA fees, restrictions, and benefits. Be sure you calculate the fees into your budget.

Remember: Realtors Can’t Discriminate

Your realtor can provide a lot of information, but they can’t give you statistics regarding protected classes. Doing so could be considered discriminatory and they could lose their license.

If you want information related to the makeup of a neighborhood or the location of religious institutions etc., you’ll need to get that information from a source other than your agent. It’s the law.

We’d love to support you in buying and selling real estate in Colorado Springs. Give us a call to meet with one of our realtors. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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