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House Hunting This Winter? Colorado Springs Real Estate Tips You Should Know

Are you on the hunt for Colorado Springs real estate this winter? Though winter is the considered the “off season” for real estate, it can be a great time for buyers looking for better deals with less competition. If you’re looking for a new home in Colorado Springs this winter, here are a few tips and bonuses for shopping for a new home this winter.

Buying in the Winter Is the Ultimate Litmus Test

Is the furnace working? Does the plumbing have issues? Are the gutters leaking? Many buyers might forget to check these important details in the summer, but when you buy a home in the dead of winter, you’ll discover this and more. Winter time is the ultimate litmus test for how a home is winterized. Do the windows feel drafty? Are walls and ceiling properly insulated? You’ll notice these details right away.

You’ll Get a Great Home for a Lower Price

In the summer when the market is hot, home prices are higher and competition is fierce.  In the winter, options may be fewer, but you still have a great chance at finding a hidden gem for a price you can afford. If you’re price conscious or looking for a great deal, winter can be the perfect time to get into a new home.

Inventory May Be Lower, But Sellers are Motivated to Sell

Sellers know it’s the off-season, but for one reason or another, they need to sell their home. And they probably need to sell it fast. The homes you find for sale in the winter have buyers who are willing to negotiate and are motivated to move through the sales process faster. You’ll get a great deal at a negotiated price.

Less Competition Roaming the Market

Your dream home could go up for sale in the summer and receive an offer at or above asking price by the end of the day. In the winter, you have less competition scoping out the market. Not to mention, investors typically aren’t as active this time of year, so your main competition is other home buyers. Even so, you’ll have more chances at great deals with fewer buyers scouring the local market.

You Get the Undivided Attention of Your Realtor

Wintertime tends to be slower for realtors which means they’ll have more time to answer your questions and research the market. Winter is the perfect time to avoid the busy season and gain more one-on-one time with your realtor.

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