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Looking for a Christian Realtor in Colorado Springs? We Can Help

When looking for a Christian realtor in Colorado Springs, it’s important to know what realtors can and can’t provide for you. You may expect a realtor to be the source for any information you could want about a home or neighborhood. However, the Federal Fair Housing Act places some limitations on the information we can provide in order to prevent discrimination. Having accurate expectations when you hire a realtor will help your process go smoothly.

Information About Neighborhood Demographics

The most important thing to know is realtors can’t provide information regarding seven protected classes: race, color, religion, national origin, disabilities, or familial status. This includes telling you, “lots of young families live here,” or “it’s a quiet neighborhood with older wealthy couples.”

We may not be able to accommodate certain requests. For example, we are unable to respond to a request to find a house that’s close to any particular religious institution, in a particular ethnic community, or in a neighborhood with a specific makeup of people (young professionals, lots of children, older couples, etc). Why? Because unfortunately we can’t take that information into account when deciding whether or not to show a house. 

Discrimination in Listings

When writing up a listing, we avoid including phrases that may represent protected classes. For example, we can’t advertise that a home is ‘child-friendly,’ ‘a bachelor apartment,’ ‘perfect for professionals,’ ‘section 8,’ etc. Those are a few examples of phrases that might lead to discrimination and violate the Fair Housing Act.

School Districts and Safety

These two categories are important for many buyers, but it’s beyond the scope of a realtor to make specific guarantees. School boundaries change and are guided by forces completely out of our control. Assuring that a home is within a certain school district is unwise on our part.

Likewise, we can’t ensure the safety of a neighborhood because that’s subjective and could be colored by bias. We can point you to various sources for finding statistics, but we can’t make claims regarding either of these categories.

What a Christian Realtor Can Tell You

A Christian realtor in Colorado Springs can point you to sources for researching a neighborhood. We can provide information about the market and market projections. We can research land codes, currently-listed comparable properties, and prepare a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis), just to name a few of our services.

We hope that knowing this information will help set you up for success when buying and selling a home. Get in touch if you’re looking for a trusted Christian realtor in Colorado Springs.

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