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Looking for A Christian Realtor in Colorado Springs?

When deciding on a realtor, it’s important to choose someone you can trust. Finding a realtor that can work with you is a key part of your home buying experience. We’d like to give you a few tips as you search for a Christian realtor in Colorado Springs.

Communication Is Key

Always set up a face-to-face meeting before choosing a realtor. That meeting will tell you a lot about how you and the realtor will work together. Are they willing to answer your questions? Working with someone who takes the time to answer questions is vital.

Know Their Specialty

A realtor who sells commercial or investment properties has a different skill set from a realtor buying and selling homes. Find someone who specializes in the type of real estate you are buying.

Ongoing Education

A realtor needs to know the laws and trends that apply to the current market – not the market that was at play when they got their license 15 years ago. Ask your realtor about their ongoing education.

This could be anything from a class to an association or publication they use to keep current. It doesn’t matter what method they use, as long as they are up to date on what’s happening now.

Ask for an Honest Opinion

If a realtor gives you glowing numbers and tells you the process will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, be cautious. Buying and selling a home is a process that takes time. You want someone who will be honest about how much you can expect from the market.

Look at Their Numbers…With Caution

Just because a realtor sold 100 homes in a year doesn’t mean they’re a good match for you. Make sure you know what their process is like and how much they’ll be available to you. Also, be aware that markets change so a ton of sales one year may not translate into huge success the following year.

Learn About Their Commission

Call around and learn about the commission of most realtors in your area. If you find someone who’s claiming to charge way below average, find out what services they’re not offering.

Check Out Their Reputation

In the age of the internet, you can always learn about a business’ reputation online. A good realtor should have people who are willing to talk about their experience. If a realtor has a history of dissatisfied customers, don’t assume your experience will be different.

We’re proud of our services and our work in the community. Get in touch if you’re looking for a Christian realtor in Colorado Springs. We’re happy to answer your questions and support you as you take the first step toward buying or selling a home – choosing the right agent for you. 

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