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What To Expect From Platinum Group Realtors

We are proud to be part of the Platinum Group Realtors, a network of the top selling realtors in Colorado Springs. This independently owned real estate firm combines the benefits of a small, local, company with the resources of a large corporation. Through this partnership of highly successful realtors, we’re able to provide top rate services to our clients.

We hold ourselves to high standards and you can hold us to these standards as well. Here’s a summary of what to expect when you work with a Platinum Group realtor


We believe success comes from honest, ethical business interactions. We are open about our business practices and don’t cut corners. When you choose Platinum Group realtors, you can trust us to uphold a high standard of integrity.

Local Knowledge

The Platinum Group firm developed in the Colorado Springs real estate market. We’ve all worked in this market for years so we know the ins and outs of the Colorado Springs real estate market.

It’s Personal

We sell dozens of homes each year and we know that each home sale is unique to each client. Every client has their own, unique needs, and preferences. While we have plenty of education and resources, we know that has to be a tool for the relationship with our client. We don’t let our clients get lost in a system.


Being personal doesn’t mean we loosen our professional standards. The business of real estate requires us to be well dressed and timely. We also realize that we’re handling sensitive information and interactions when we help clients buy or sell homes. 


Buying or selling a home is a business transaction that requires negotiation. We’ve spent years becoming good negotiators. We’re assertive on behalf of our clients without being bullies.

Community Network

From mortgage consultants to movers, you’ll need a lot of connections when buying and selling a home. Anyone who’s worked in a community for years should have developed good relationships with other professionals in the community. Ask us about our preferred vendors so we can point you in a good direction.

The Platinum Group Reputation

The greatest compliment we receive is when our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. We’re proud to say this is our largest source of business. Most people aren’t buying and selling on a regular basis but we have had the pleasure of working with repeat clients.

If you’re looking for a realtor to help you buy or sell a home, give us a call to set up an appointment.

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