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What’s Hot in Colorado Springs Real Estate

Curious about the latest home trends? Colorado Springs real estate offers an array of homes with options for new technologies and style trends. Check out a few of the trending features in Colorado Springs real estate.

Specialized Storage

Most people prefer extra storage in their home, right? Yes. But now homeowners are more interested in specialized storage and organization. This means everything has a place and is stored right where it’s needed.

Specialized storage helps minimize clutter. Kitchen’s may now feature mega-pantries with room for prep space, spare appliances, and open storage. Homeowners may forgo an extra bedroom for larger walk-in closets or spacious master bathrooms.

Manageable Size

While some homes are growing, others are paring down to more manageable sizes. When mansions were all the rage, homes became too large to manage.

Today, popular homes are now within “human” scale. This means there’s just enough space in living rooms to enjoy good conversation, and kitchens don’t require roller skates to get from one end to the next.

colorado springs real estateBuilt-In Charging Stations

Do you have cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, and iPad chargers in various locations around your home? Today homeowners are dedicating space for electronic device charging stations.

These stations are often found in the corner of a kitchen, in the mudroom, or near a landing. Charging stations offer convenience to help keep your life organized and your electronics charged in one central location.

Open Spaces Gain Traction

Homes are being built or remodeled to have fewer walls and more open space. Ever since the kitchen became the favorite room to congregate, walls between the kitchen and living or dining rooms are being removed to create a feeling of togetherness. This layout is common in condos and single-family suburban homes.   

Quartzite Competes with Granite

Many may assume granite or marble counters are the most luxurious counters on the market. Though these are still a crowd favorite, quartzite is fast becoming a new hot contender.

Due to its natural and indestructible nature, it’s gaining more attention as a durable counter top without the drawbacks of staining easily like marble.

Keyless Entry

Forget your keys? No problem. Builders are now installing fingerprint door locks with numerical algorithms. Maybe someday house keys will become a thing of the past.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Everyone loves the sight of flames whether they’re real of faux. Dancing flames are reminiscent of warmth, togetherness, and romance. New technology has made these features more accessible with fewer venting issues making them a high selling point in homes.

Outdoor Living Space

When the weather is nice, people want to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor living space often has dining or lounging furniture and may include a built-in fire pit, organic garden space, a pool, outdoor pool showers, or pet washing stations. Options are limitless with what you can do with outdoor living space.

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