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Why The Platinum Group Realtors Have Some of the Best Agents

The Platinum Group, Realtors, a real estate firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a unique real estate firm. It has many of the top-ranked real estate agents working under the same company. Even though they only represent 2.5% of real estate agents in Colorado Springs, 24% of them are in the top 100, and 51% of them are in the top 300. Now that’s a feat!

So you might be wondering, how is there so much success under the same roof? What makes them so special? Well, here are five qualities that make The Platinum Group agents some of the best in the world.

The Platinum Group Experience

If experience is the best teacher, The Platinum Group agents have learned from the best. If you examine their roster, you’ll notice that many of them have 20-plus years of experience. This is a big contributor to their success.

Even the agents that don’t have the same amount of experience can learn from the ones that do.


Experience is a great quality to have since it can give you confidence. Confidence will make clients comfortable. It will calm down a person’s worries about the real estate market. It will also spill over into negotiations with buyers and sellers.


From confidence also comes personality. When an agent is being sincerely confident, he or she has a chance to show off their personality. Whether they are funny or quirky, it is magnetic and will draw people in.


Another quality when examining a good real estate agent is integrity. The Platinum Group, Realtors agents are involved in the community. Many of them do community service. Others are involved in youth programs. This shows they are a bunch who cares about the people around them.

You can also find former US military and firefighters in this group of agents. These histories will assure you that an agent is not just trying to take your money. How much more integrity can you ask from an agent?


Finally, The Platinum Group agents know the area because they are from the area. Many of them have lived in Colorado Springs all their life. This means they have intimate first-hand knowledge of the area they otherwise wouldn’t know.

The five qualities that you can look for in The Platinum Group agents are experience, confidence, personality, integrity, and local knowledge. Of course, these are only a few of the qualities you can expect to find among them, yet they are some of the most important.

Looking to buy or sell a home? Give us a call. We have the knowledge and experience you need to work through this process.